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Are pet wipes necessary?

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Are pet wipes necessary?

Issue Time:2022/08/04
The assimilation of human and pet products is an increasingly obvious trend, mainly because people hope to apply more convenient products to pets, so that they can also enjoy the simplicity and comfort of modern life. Stepping on this step, many pet products have been born one after another, and pet wipes are one of the most important products.
N reasons for pet wipes:

With the increasing prosperity of the pet products market today, people may find that the development of some products is just people's whim. In the specific application process, these products can easily become an embarrassing position of "chicken ribs". So are pet-specific wet wipes also such a product that parents are easily shelved? The answer is naturally no.

As a daily necessities, talking about pet-specific wet wipes naturally starts from the actual life situation of pets.

Scenario 1: As we all know, the puppy's skin and epidermis are not fully developed, lack resistance, and have smooth skin, so it is not suitable for washing and cleaning the body. Choosing pet wipes can not only protect the puppy's skin, but also achieve the purpose of cleaning the body.

Scenario 2: Pet diarrhea is a common occurrence. After every time the pet defecates, the owner will find that their butt is contaminated with excrement. At this time, the pet is weak and cannot take a bath frequently. What should I do next?

Scenario 3: Parents who feed long-haired dogs will worry about a problem, that is, the hair near the pet's mouth will become particularly dirty after each meal or drink, which may cause changes in hair color over time. The owner has to reluctantly cut the love and remove the hair near the dog's mouth, which is tantamount to disfigurement!

Dogs in the following states are not suitable for bathing:
1. The dog that has just been brought home;
2. Puppies who have not been vaccinated;
3. Dogs with trauma, suffering from colds, etc., are in an unhealthy state;
4. Dogs who have just been vaccinated;
5. Bitches in heat;
6. Dogs before and after pregnancy.

If you also encounter these situations in the process of feeding pets, and you have started to use pet-specific wet wipes, the convenience and effectiveness of the product will surely make you fall in love with it. But don't be too happy. Although choosing pet wipes is simple, there are some issues that require special attention.

Important things said three times: pet-specific, special, special wipes
Because the PH value of human skin is different from that of pets. The PH value of human wet wipes is designed according to human skin, and most of them contain alcohol, which is irritating to dogs and cats. The PH value of professional pet wipes is designed and produced according to the pet's skin.

Considerations when buying pet wipes:
The main function of pet wet wipes is to quickly clean the pet's body surface, and according to the different ingredients contained in the wet wipes, it will simultaneously achieve the effects of brightening, deodorizing, sterilizing, and relieving itching on the basis of cleaning. As for the packaging, it is generally divided into bags, barrels and boxes according to the capacity.

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