Global Top-Grade Wet Wipes Manufacturer |  Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

Global Top-Grade Wet Wipes Manufacturer | Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

Professional manufacturer of wet wipes

Wet Wipes Application
  • Sanitizing Hand Wipes

    When soap or water is not available. own a piece of our Sanitizing Hand Wipes,which can kill 99.9% of germs and easy to quickly wipe away dirt, making you safer and cleaner in anytime, anywhere.

  • Medical Wipes

    Our medical wipes provide convenience and added effectiveness. Helps eliminate 99.9% germs on your hands. Pre-moistened wipes are soft and durable to gently clean up hands.

  • Baby Care Wipes

    Daxin Baby Wipes are plant-based wipes, made with 99% purified water and 1% skin essential ingredients for a gentle clean. It can be used to wipe baby's mouth and hands. If your baby has a rash on her ass, baby wipes are your best choice.

  • Makeup Remover Wipes

    When you come home tired after a day of work and are too lazy to remove your makeup, use a piece of our makeup remover wipes. In one easy step, your skin is left perfectly clean and refreshed with no oily residue, so there's no need to rinse. It can instantly dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and makeup deep down to the pores. Even remove waterproof mascara.

  • Pet Wipes

    Does your pet have tears stains, and are the ears full of dirt? Our pet wipes are not only specially designed to wipe eyes, but also specially designed to wipe ears. When you travel with your pet, you can also bring our pet grooming wipes or pet deodorant wipes.

  • Flushable Bathroom Wipes

    In flushable wipe market,the largest market is adult moist toilet tissue.Our flushable toilet wipe is made of 100% biodegradable spunlace nonwoven material. It can disperse easily in the toilet. You can treat it as common toilet roll paper, just discard it into the toilet and sewerage system. It is safe and eco-friendly.

  • Electronics LCD Wipes

    Do you often have fingerprints on the screen of your phone, and do you often have fog on your glasses in winter? We have a professional formula that can not only prevent fogging, but also prevent fingerprints from being left on the screen after use. This can be used for all electronic products such as lenses, computer screens, and mobile phone screens etc.

  • Flooring Wipes

    Flooring clean wipes are the quick and easy way to clean and protect your flooring . This wipes is specially formulated to safely and effectively clean dirt and soil . The flooring wipes are made of high-quality spunlace non woven fabric after special technical treatment.This wipes works to quickly clean you floors to their natural shine and leave a fresh and clean scent.

  • Outdoor Wipes

    ON-THE-GO CLEANSING WIPES, Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, avid hiker, or just getting off a really long flight, HyperGo Full Body Wipes are the perfect solution to get clean & refreshed on the go.

About Us

Dalian Daxin Group was founded in 2003 and has became reputed professional wet wipes manufacturer in China. We owns modern R&D center and 30 full automatic production lines. Our three factories covers 50,000 sqm2 and are certificated by ISO, GMP, FDA and EPA.

Dalian Daxin Health Nursing Products Co., Ltd.

Dalian Daxin Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd.

Weifang Daxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Our group set high standard of production and testing system since established. We owns Three workshops with 100,000 degree purification and two inspection lab with 10,000 class purification. Our advantage is all our wipes using EDI purified water. Keep us always provide premium quality products to the valued customer worldwide.

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  • 4 plants covers 50000 sqm²

  • 30 full automatic production lines

  • 50 millions dollars turnover

  • 200 thousands per day production capacity

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Custom 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Wet Wipes
As a true believer in Eco friendly products,we are dedicated to supplying 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber wet wipes.Traditional wet wipes made from viscose fibers which come from hardwood trees.Those hardwood trees grow slow and it takes years to make it up for the environment cycle.While,bamboo is different since it grows fast that makes sense for environment.The bamboo based wet wipes are 100% biodegradable since the material is made from fibers from bamboo.We offer custom services for the 100% biodegradable wet wipes.


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Dalian Daxin Health Nursing Products Co., Ltd.Dalian Daxin Group was founded in 2003 and has became reputed professional wet wipes manufacturer in China. .More>

Dalian Daxin Health Nursing Products Co., Ltd.Dalian Daxin Group was founded in 2003 and has became reputed professional wet wipes manufacturer in China. .
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