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Go to the supplier to help the customer confirm flushable wet wipe packaging details

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Go to the supplier to help the customer confirm flushable wet wipe packaging details

Issue Time:2022-01-13

For the past 19 years, Dalian Daxin Group wet tissue manufacturer has made it an effort to constantly evolve in order to offer a superior service.

For each production link, including raw materials, there will be special personnel for inspection and tracking to ensure that each production link is carried out in an orderly manner. For the inspection of packaging, we confirm every detail, confirm the size, color, specification, material, some are carried out by specific quality inspectors, and some are proofread by business personnel.

Share a story about a salesman who personally went to a packaging factory to inspect the color. First of all, the business personnel will initially confirm the packaging artwork, and then send it to the customer for final review, including the size, style and color of the multi-party confirmation before it can be included in the production plan. Before the start of mass production, the sales staff personally went to the site to confirm the first package. The following video is about the sales staff to confirm the color, size and material of the color box. Accompanied by the quality inspectors, the business personnel get the customer's electronic confirmation manuscript, the international Pantone color card book, and go to the site for comparison. Make the sample completely in accordance with the customer's requirements for production. This is our excellent service.

Everywhere is considered for customers, and everything is confirmed for customers. Attention to detail, all-round confirmation. Produce 100% perfect products to customers, so that consumers can use our products happily and comfortably.

We are not only a manufacturer of wet wipes products, we also want to deliver our services and bring our love to every customer who uses wet wipes. The wet wipes in my hand warm my heart. Wet wipes not only purify life, but also purify the mind. I believe that through our services and the wipes we produce, we can help more people improve their quality of life and live an ideal life.

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